Value engineering structural engineers

As value engineering structural engineers, we solve problems for our clients. When you bring in our team we will identify and eliminate unwanted costs and improve function and quality. Overall, we aim to increase the value of your project whilst decreasing costs.

When we work with you on your new build, extension or renovation we consider the availability of materials, transportation, site restrictions or limitations, organisation and planning, construction methods, costs, profits and more. By making use of our value engineering structural engineers, you will benefit from improved quality, reducing environmental impact and a range of other positives.

We need to be involved in the project from the start, giving you more benefits along the way. Our team is also able to come into a project at a later stage, we just cannot reverse anything that has already been completed. Below is a list of what is involved in value engineering:

  • Identifying the main elements of the project
  • Analysing the elements functions
  • Developing alternatives for delivering the functions
  • Assessing all plans and solutions
  • Allocation of budget to alternative solutions
  • Developing a detailed outline of alternatives that are likely to succeed