Structural engineering consultancy

When you need a structural engineer.

There are many occasions we, as a structural engineering consultancy, would provide our services. Whether you are renovating, adding extensions or need a structural inspection, Robert Wynter & Partners Ltd is here to help.

When you are planning to upgrade your home that involves the stability of it, you need a structural engineer. We will come in and provide structural drawings and calculations that your architect and builder can use during their works. Whether or not you need our structural engineering consultancy will depend on the project. The projects below will require our services:

  • Alterations to doors and windows
  • Underpinning floors
  • Fitting solar panels
  • Altering or removing internal walls
  • Constructing an extension
  • Loft conversions

Our structural engineers are not only necessary for property renovations, but we also perform structural inspections. These are done when you have a problem with the structure of your property. Keep an eye out for signs of subsidence such as movement, cracking walls or a sagging roofline or ceilings. If you have noticed any of these signs, you will need a structural engineer to come and inspect the situation.

We could also come in and assess the structural integrity of a home when you are planning on buying. If you do not do this and there are structural issues, it could be costly to fix these issues once you’ve moved in.