Residential & Apartment block structural engineers

Residential structural engineers, such as RWP Engineering, are brought in to design and survey a domestic or residential property for the homeowner. With over 25 years of experience, we have worked on a wide variety of residential projects. Working closely with architects, our apartment block structural engineers ensure the structural integrity of a property to keep the residents and public safe.

Our residential structural engineers work with repurposing or additions to existing buildings or new builds across the Southeast. We work with a range of materials to structurally secure buildings. Examples would be work with pre-cast concrete slabs and load-bearing masonry over basement car parking in Mill Hill working with Crest Nicholson (Eastern) Ltd.

With a wide range of buildings in our portfolio, our apartment block structural engineers work meticulously on each phase of a project. This ensures the structural integrity from the ground up, keeping the building safe from collapse and against severe weather.

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