Folgate Street

Client: Windsor Securities Ltd
Architect: Murphy Philipps

The front of the existing building was extended out off the original set-back foundations and a set-back top storey added.

Careful assessment of the historic building allowed the increase in size to be achieved using spare capacity and therefore avoided the expense of strengthening the foundations.

The top storey was achieved with only a nominal 100 mm structural zone to build the floor within. Hence tie rods were employed to hang the floors off the roof beam.

At the rear of the site, one block was refurbished and new buildings were constructed.

Lightweight solutions were employed due to building constraints and to minimise the excavations. Piled sub-structures were used to avoid expensive cart away.

Tooley Street / Shad Thames, London

Client: Jetco Investments Ltd

This was a particularly interesting project in view of the unique problems associated with the location of the building. Fixed craneage was not allowed on site nor off-loading of materials at the road side. Supply vehicles were limited to the size of a Transit van and had to drive on and off site without reversing as the road was classified as a Red Route.

A turntable was located on site and the building was constructed without any plant operated or materials stored outside the perimeter of the building line. This was achieved, with the additional constraint of full progressive collapse regulations as the building is five storeys, by using a combination of masonry, steel and timber, with timber floors.

Churchill Insurance Headquarters, Bromley, Kent

Client: Farrell & Clark

The total refurbishment of the building and a four-five storey steel-framed extension with a curved roof on top of the existing building.

Prior to our involvement, the original scheme required new foundations and strengthening of the original 1960s concrete-framed building.

With careful research and analysis of the original building we produced a comprehensive Design Report that, when submitted to the Local Authority, gained Part A approval for the structure ahead of any working drawings.

The Client therefore had the confidence to proceed with a structure that was considerably more economic than had been envisaged.

Example Projects Incorporating Concrete Frame Design