Concrete structure engineers and Concrete Frame Design

If you are planning to use a concrete frame for a building it is vital you make use of our concrete structure engineers. We have over 25 years of experience in concrete frame design for commercial buildings across the Southeast.

With taller buildings, a concrete frame is the best option. This is because it provides a solid structural skeleton. Our concrete structure engineers work diligently to create a design and plan for the optimal structural integrity of the frame. Concrete frames are constructed using beams and columns with a concrete foundation.

Columns are the vertical elements of the frame and are the primary load-bearing component. They ultimately transmit the loads from the beams down to the foundations.

The beams are the horizontal load-bearing elements of the frame. These can either be main beams or secondary beams. Main beams transmit the floor and secondary beam loads to the columns. Secondary beams hold up the floor and transfer the load onto the primary beams.

Our job is to design the main and secondary beams of the structure transmit their loads to the correct area so that the building is structurally sound. With the right concrete frame design your building could be standing for years to come.