Chartered and structural engineers

When you are looking for structural engineers, the best option would be to make use of chartered structural engineers. Our founder and managing director Robert Wynter is a chartered structural engineer. Having worked in the industry for more than two decades he has built up his knowledge and experience to create structural elements to bring clients plans to life. We have won a variety of awards for our designs. These designs are featured here. ( Commercial – Robert Wynter & Partners Limited ( )

When you make use of chartered structural engineers you will benefit from the most educated and dedicated team possible. With our team we can help with inspections, design and value engineering. This will ensure your project is structurally secure and that costs are lowered throughout the process.

Our motto is “we believe nothing is outside our brief”. This means that nothing is too much for our experienced team to handle. We have worked on a variety of projects ranging from residential renovations, extensions and new builds to commercial builds and listed building work. There is no challenge that our team would back down from and we aim to provide the highest level of service to our clients on every phase of a project.