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Wessex Energy Centre

  • Project Name
    Wessex Energy Centre
  • Client
    Crest Regeneration
  • Build Type
    Refurbishment with new timber roof

The Wessex Energy Centre has been created as part of the wider scheme of regeneration called Bath Western Riverside by Crest Nicholson. The Energy Centre provides power to the new development in this area of Bath, together with providing a visitor centre to showcase the modern power systems in place.

In order to provide accommodation for the visitors centre a new first floor level was required over the existing single storey part of the building, with a new roof system over. Careful consideration had to be taken to ensure that the load transfer to the existing foundations was not exceeded.  A lightweight braced steel frame was designed for the new first floor accommodation. This was founded on a substantial reinforced concrete ring beam on the existing masonry walls of the single storey structure. The ring beam is also tied down to the walls below with steel straps at regular intervals. To ensure that this structure was as lightweight as possible the external walls were constructed of metsec and insulated infill panels. A timber truss roof was adopted and the weight of all large pipework in the roof void was accounted for, although the pipework weights and positions were debated and moved on many occasions, which caused re-design work in the roof. The first floor construction itself is of steel beams connected back to the ring beam with a metal joisted and insulated infill floor.

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Wessex Energy Centre
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