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Riverside Bath

  • Project Name:
    Riverside B3, B7, B8, Bath
  • Client:
    Crest Nicholson Regeneration
  • Build Type:
    Residential (3no. 4-6 storey apartment blocks with basement)

These three apartment blocks are all designed to bear onto a shared basement level with a transfer slab over supporting an external podium level. The frames are RC concrete with concrete cores acting as stability systems, all columns and shear walls then bear onto piled foundations.

There is a certain level of transfer of structure between the multi storey buildings over and the car park basement level under, but where possible RWP have co-ordinated continuous structure down through into the basement from above to ensure an economical design is achieved.

This was a relatively sloping site and therefore RC retaining walls and sheet piling were also required to create the necessary levels.

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Riverside Bath
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