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Ringers Road

  • Project Name:
    Ringers Road, Bromley
  • Client:
    Crest Nicholson Regeneration
  • Build Type:
    Residential (160 apartments)

The Ringers Road development was built on brownfield land in a town centre environment where many party wall issues were to be resolved with surrounding properties, and the structure was designed accordingly. Part of the building actually wraps around and over an existing NHS unit.

A new-build concrete framed structure has been constructed on the sloping site, to house 160 apartments and split level basement car parking and cycle storage. The frame is up to 10 storeys high and adopts a very economical column layout to ensure the most cost effective structure was built.  Concrete framed lift and stair cores provide the stability to the building and were built using the precast TwinWall system tied back into the RC floors. Piled foundations together with RC retaining walls and perimeter contiguous piling support the building over and retain ground as required.

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Ringers Road
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